Low Carb Journey

My dieting history:

I have been on 2 diets my whole life. I know this may seam unusual for many people since the norm in our society is yo-yo dieting. I was always trying to search for a plan that made sense to me. I knew that if it did not make sense right off the bat,  then I would be destined to fail. So the only two that ever made sense to me is the Nutri-system diet plan and Weight Watchers.


The idea of pre-packaged food arriving to my house on schedule with the calories and fats and carbs already calculated  was too exciting to resist. All I would have to do was microwave and eat. Simple right? Well….No one tells you that  the food will all taste the same and that the portion size would be about 1/3 of what you would normally eat. I lasted about a month and a half on that plan and never went back.

Weight Watchers and me

When it comes to diet plans  I would say this plan is the creme of the crop. Weight Watchers is well known all over the world for good reason. With the Weight Watchers diet plan, the biggest thing I learned about  was portion control. I liked the support from the weekly meetings and weight watchers as a company is quite organized. I even blogged about my weight watchers experience on my old blog. It was hard for me to finally admit that this plan did not work for me. I wanted it to work, I really did. I had a hard time thinking of food as points and I wanted to understand more about the chemistry of how food reacted  in my body.  I wanted to understand how carbohydrates, fats and proteins all contributed to my weight gain over the years.

Diabetes and Weight Loss

I was diagnosed with diabetes about 2 years ago and it changed my life. At the time of being diagnosed I was at my heaviest, my weight had skyrocketed to 265lbs. I have since lost about 15lbs. I am on the journey of my life to lose the weight and have become very proactive when it comes to my health. I have read and researched the topic of diabetes and diet and through this knowledge I have come to the understanding that a low carb diet is the best way for me to lose the weight and control my diabetes. I have spoken to my doctor and we are both in agreement about this.

My Promise to Myself:

If you are reading this post I want to advise you to please speak to your doctor before going low carb. I am not a doctor nor pretend to be one. I am simply a woman on a mission to save her life from this devastating disease and get healthy. I hope that our journey together will be one of support and encouragement and I look forward to knowing you all.

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