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Low Carb Beer

I always get questions about low carb alcoholic beverages, so I wanted to talk about low carb beer. The best tasting low carb beer that I have found is Michelob Ultra. They have a very light tasting beer. The beersĀ  featured in the video above are:

Michelob Ultra with 2.6 carbs and 95 calories for a 12FL oz bottle
Ultra Amber with 3.2 carbs and 95 calories for a 12 Fl oz bottle.
Michelob Ultra Pomegranate Raspberry with 5.5 carbs for a 12 FL oz bottle

I prefer the original ultra with 2.6 carbs because the taste is light and good.

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  1. Michelob Ultra regular and Lime flavors are the best! I have not been able to try the other 2 brands(Amber and Raspberry), because they keep flying off the shelves here in SW Suburban Chicago. I will get back to you when I do get my hands on some. Thanks for the info. The video was very informative.




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