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2011 Here I Come! GOAL!

As the clock struck midnight and the new year rolled in, I was filled with a feeling I had not felt in a while. My heart was full.

I was excited and genuinely happy! Maybe the tequila had something to do with that…, or maybe it had something to do with knowing that this year was the year I would lose half of my weight. Or the fact that I had discovered the secret to long term weight loss? (shush)

Whatever the reason, I can now say with great confidence that this year will be my year to accomplish many goals. Some of these goals you will learn about in my latest post, some you will learn about from my videos, and most you can read about in the list below.

Goals for 2010

Train for a 5k

Complete a 5k Run

Stay on Induction for 30 days

Exercise 4-5 days per week

Record 52 recipe videos

Lose 50 lbs

Play a game of tennis

Learn to belly dance

Wear a size 14 jeans comfortably by December 2011

Do a weekly low carb podcast

Take a monthly before and after photo

Goals Not Related To Low carb 360 but still extremely important to me:

Learn to paint likeĀ  Bob Ross

Live on a budget

Learn to clip coupons

Go fishing for the first time

Go camping for the first time

Read a new book every month

Picnic at the beach for one day!

Go to the shrimp festival

Go to the Grand Canyon

Now that I have shared my goals with you, I’d love to hearĀ  some of your goals for 2011. You can leave them in the comments below : )

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7 Responses to “2011 Here I Come! GOAL!”

  1. Terri says:

    Hi jay
    Terri again. Yes thats the book inhale to.
    Yes ur right about tomatoes being on the ind.
    My woop excuse me.
    I guess when I read how much 1-4 cup of tomato carbs, guess my mind went ouch an it branded in my mind, don’ t go there. Maybe u can clear this up for me.
    I read on your web that eat and apple and peanut butter everyday, and oatmeal.
    Apples are very high carb, 21 g.( Y me lord they r my fav) smile!
    My oatmeal box mr Quaker tells me 1/2 c dry has 27 carbs,- fiber 4= 23 net carbs. So my math with only those to items each day. 21 & 22=
    43 carbs with little food . Yikes. I’m I right Jay?
    I don’t but the instant oatmeal, think it isn’t oatmeal , to refined.
    I’ve been on the Atkins 7 weeks now and have 10 more pounds to lose. They are coming off like in sloth mode. Up .6 oz. One day, down 6oz . Next day . Very sllloooow. But i’ m nit giving up.
    Also think it has to do with me finally making breads. My love.
    I have scratch recipes which I use the coconut, Atkins baking mix,
    Soy flour. And of course I put way to much butter on the finished products because butter helps everything.
    Soi need to either go back a step and forget for now of having nut flours. In my life…..for another 10 pound drop.
    Thank u Jay! Ur beautiful.
    Ps. My husband enjoys eating some of the recipes.
    He is skinny and needs extra carbs though! Ha!

    Thank uuuuu

  2. Jay says:

    Hey Terri,

    In the new Atkins book (page 88) tomatoes are on the Induction food list, so you can still enjoy tomatoes on Atkins Induction. I hope this helps : )

  3. Jay says:

    Hey Terri,
    Apples and tomatoes? I am not sure I understand???
    Please explain


  4. Terri says:

    Apples have 22 carbs each, by my reading.
    I have been reading and enjoying ur recipes.
    Tomatoes are another carb watcher.
    They both are not for induction in my new Atkins book.
    Just saying.
    Thank u.
    Keep up recipes going.

  5. Terri says:

    Thank u Jay.
    I enjoy u!
    U can do this wt loss.
    Steady as she goes! It will happen.

  6. Jay says:

    Thanks Jaimie, we can do this!

  7. Jaimie says:

    Hi Jay,

    My goal for 2011 is to reach 165 lbs!!! Thanks for being so wonderful. Love your vlogs, website, and emails.


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