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Still plugging along

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2 Responses to “Still plugging along”

  1. Dora says:

    Hi Jay! I’m going to try your croissants today that looks so good. Keep going. I’m diabetic and actually found out after I had been low carbing for 6 months. I started at 260 and am now at 218 through low carb. I lost weight with nutrisystem years ago and then with phen-fen…of course it always came back. Like you I am so glad to have found low carb because I can live with it forever. Have you seen Dana Carpenders low carb cook books? They make me feel like I can go on forever. I made Fauxtato Salad for a picnic on Saturday and everyone liked it! Good luck Jay, I’ll be looking for you.

  2. Kat says:

    I just wanted to say that I really admire u for being so brave to admit that u cannot always resist – after all ur sister’s house sounds like the land of plenty:)
    I’m also having trouble to resist sometimes. I live in Europe and we don’t have so much low carb food or ingredients around here so I think it’s even a bit more difficult. For example stuff like almond flour or splenda can only be ordered over the internet from other. Also cheddar cheese is hard to get (finally found a store!)
    Anyway I noticed that it helps to I eat a bit of cheese. So whenever I start dreaming about giant cream tarts again I just have a mozzarella (sometimes with pesto). Helps.
    Also when I eat something before I go shopping I can even look at all the candy chocolate stuff thinking that I don’t really need it! It feels so good.
    By the way I tried ur pizza yesterday and was absolutely impressed!
    Guess what; the creme of tartar that I had to order over the internet just arrived this second – that means I’m gonna try out ur croissants today – gotta go now!:)
    Foreal, I’d be happy to provide u with recipes since I’m still on induction and searching like crazy;) If I find some interesting I’ll let u know.
    Keep going! Take care


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